What is neck beard and should you have it?

What is neck beard and should you have it?

Whether you’re growing a long or short beard, the question remains, should I shave my neck beard? If left unbothered, the neck beard may make your beard look messy or scruffy, but on the other hand, it might also add some style.

A lot of decisions are subjective in the beard world so let’s get a closer look at neck beards.

What is a Neck Beard?

neck beard

By definition, a neck beard is the hair growth on a man's neck. Sometimes, this is also of poor grooming.

That must mean neck beards are bad right? Well, no. Neck beards are not necessarily a sign of poor hygiene when used for styles. In particular, there are many who like sporting a bushy beard or sometimes even a beard that’s exclusively on the neck. 

We all know beards are part of our personality as men and how we shave, or not shave, speaks a lot about what kind of person we are. It all comes down to what kind of image you want. Since you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re not entirely sure how to style it. 

No worries, here’s some info you’ll need to get started on your beard journey.

How to Grow a Neck Beard

This is the easy part. To start growing out your neck beard, simply put away your razor until your desired volume. Try to give it a little allowance when growing it out so you have more room to decide how you want to style it and more choices on different styles. 

After all, you can never go wrong with more, right?

Pros and Cons of Having a Neck Beard

Now before you actually start growing out your neck beard, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a neck beard.

Pros of Having a Neck Beard

First of all, neck beards are definitely not unfashionable by any means. There are many famous people who actually sport this look. Drake is among the many who have sported a neck beard in the past, or more particularly, his full beard style.

Money and time-saving

It’s not a secret that shaving products and tools all cost a lot especially when you shave frequently. If you choose to grow out your neck beard, you’ll be saving a lot on razors, shaving cream, and other products that would normally run out quickly.

Shaving also takes a lot of time, especially when you go for a clean-shaven look every day. To achieve a smooth shave, you need care and precision while shaving, which is hard to do when in a hurry.

Free from Shaving Irritation

Shaving may seem pretty easy but is actually very delicate. Not only do you have to avoid scratching your skin with the razor, but you also need to be careful not to shave the wrong way. If not properly done, your skin could become irritated and you also become prone to ingrown hairs, which are annoying according to Healthline.

To add to that, the neck area is especially sensitive to shaving. According to the International Dermal Institute, the skin on your neck is thinner than most other parts of your body including your face. Because of that, and the fact that it expands and contracts often when you move your head, increases the risk of irritation.

Cover Up Your Jawline

beautiful jawline

Now obviously this isn’t a pro for everyone but for some select guys who have a weak jawline or a round face, you might wanna cover it up to make you look more masculine. Having a neck beard can help you achieve that.

Cons of Having a Neck Beard

Accused of Being Unkempt

Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable to look messy when growing out your neck beard, and even more so with a full neck beard. Because neck beards are often associated with the idea of being scruffy, it’s important to make sure you groom your neck beard properly during and after growing out your neck beard.

How to Grow Your Neck Beard?

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. Basically, it all depends on whether you want the style or not.

Start Fresh, Even out Your Beard

man beard washing

The first step to your neck beard journey is to let your facial hair grow out. It might be good to start fresh to even out your beard so shaving your face and neck clean might help.

Before shaving, don’t forget to cleanse and trim your beard first. It will make sure your shaving session is clean and smooth. It’ll also help you avoid bumps and irritation since your skin is prepped.

Personally, I like using the Mantisfy Facial Cleanser and Shaving Mousse. It cleanses my skin really well and even helps soften my beard which lets me shave it more easily. It contains Edelweiss which balances facial oil and even has antibacterial effects on your skin. This will help give you that clean and even shave you need to start your neck beard journey.

After shaving, also maintain your now-shaven beard with some beard oil to prevent razor burns and irritation as your beard grows out. 

Grow out your Neck Beard, and a Bit More

While growing out your neck beard, you’ll reach what most would consider an awkward stage. Since your neck hair usually grows faster than your facial hair, it’ll make your beard look messy or possibly unbalanced. 

You may ask, “Should I shave my neck when growing a beard?” At this stage, the only thing you can do is to trim.

Trim As Necessary

Growing out your beard doesn’t mean you can’t trim it. The key to trimming without overdoing is to use your Adam’s apple. Trim right above the Adam’s apple and follow the shape of your jawline around your neck. This will give you a clean neckline while also looking natural.

Groom Your Beard

beard grooming

On top of trimming you also need to maintain your beard. Grooming is important to prevent your beard from knotting or clumping up with dirt and grime from your daily activities.

What Are Neck Beards Supposed To Look Like?

Now that you have a beard growing out, how do you know enough’s enough? Here’s the thing, the key to neck beards is that it looks seamless from the front but majestic for your side profile. That’s why we use the jawline as a reference when trimming it.

The best way to maintain this form is to make sure to trim the back of your jaw to keep it neat and shaped.

Beard Care and Maintenance

Now that you’ve grown out your beard and styled it, how do you maintain it? It’s not a hard task, in fact, it’s almost routine. 

Wash Your Beard

This should be obvious but remember to wash your beard daily. Even if you don’t see it visibly dirty, your beard can trap a lot of dirt throughout the day regardless of where you are. Regular washes will help you prevent infections or damage to your hair.

Groom Your Beard

beard grooming with brush

Just like while growing it out, you need to keep grooming your neck beard. With such a luscious beard, your beard becomes prone to knotting and clumping of dirt and grime. Simply brush your beard regularly after washing it.

Final Thoughts

In the end, neck beards are a style choice and it’s a respectable one. Everyone knows growing a thick beard is hard and maintaining it isn’t a walk in the park either. But it pays off when you finally get that full beard look.

One thing about neck beards too, if you ever change your mind, all it takes is a quick shaving session and you’re back to the short beard or clean-shaven style. So don’t be scared to commit to the style and just go for it!

If you decide you’re not up for the challenge, which is fine of course, check out other short beard styles you might like. It’s not a neck beard but since you’re looking for a new style, try them out.

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