How to Get Drake’s Amazing Beard Styles

How to Get Drake’s Amazing Beard Styles

You may have stumbled upon a picture of your favorite artist on the red carpet or a photo shoot for a famous magazine. And you might find their overlook leaving an impression on you. Whether it be their clothes, hair, or beard style, you may want to try any of their looks. And that's completely understandable.


Among the many male artists, there are some artists who are noteworthy for having one of the freshest beard styles. One of these artists is the Canadian Grammy Award-winning rapper: Drake. If you have been keeping up with the latest trends in music, you probably have heard of Drake. Not only is he talented in his craft, but he is also a fashion icon for many. With that said, it is no wonder a lot of people want to try his overall style.


But you might assume that it would be impossible to do so. Well, don't hesitate since we are here to help you out. We will share in this article some of the best Drake-inspired beard styles and how you can achieve them. Of course, we'll also share how you can maintain the quality of your beard. So, let's dive into it.


Drake-inspired beard styles

1. The full beard


As most of you may know, the full beard is the dream beard of any man. And Drake pulls it off really well. Its lush thickness gives a refined look and undoubtedly can make a man look more mature. However, most people seem to back out and hesitate when they get the urge to try the full beard style. It's also the same style that makes people "how to start growing a beard?" or “how to grow a beard?”. Well, it's definitely not impossible for everyone to have one, and we're here to guide you through it.


How to get the look:

One of the most important things you must know and have when growing a full beard is patience. After all, it takes time for your beard to grow out. Usually, it would take most people 2 to 4 months to grow a full beard. But several factors could affect your hair growth, like genetics, ethnicity, age, and more (Roland, 2020).


So, if you aren't seeing a thick full beard by then, don't worry. You can try to give it some more time to grow. On the other hand, if you already see a full beard, you can head to the barber to have it shaped the way you want it. Though, do note that maintaining a full beard would require a lot of commitment.


2. The medium stubble beard

drake medium stubble beard

If it's your first time hearing about this style, you might be confused about why people would want stubbles forming their beards. From the name of this style, it's understandable why you'd think so. However, the medium stubble beard is anything but that. Instead, it is quite a versatile beard style that you could use on any occasion. Though it may give off a less mature vibe than the full beard style, the medium beard style still gives you a rugged yet fresh appearance. So, if you're looking to try a new and casual beard style, this one's for you. 

How to get the look:

Before anything, you would need to grow your facial hair first, but you don't need to wait for it to turn into a full beard. If you're looking for an estimate of how long you should grow out your beard, you may want to wait for a few weeks. This should take enough time for the beard to grow 3mm to 5mm long.


Professionals say this length is the most appropriate for a medium stubble style. Anything longer than that might cause your beard to look messy or unkempt. Once your facial hair is long enough, you can start shaping your beard and cleaning the entire look with a razor blade. If you're not too confident about shaping your beard by yourself, you can always ask your local barber to do it for you.


3. The faded beard

drake faded beard

Some of you may have already seen this style but haven't heard the name of it. The faded beard style is easily one of the best styles. After all, fading your beard can really give you a dashing and sleek look. And Drake is undoubtedly one of the figures that have made the look iconic. Plus, it enhances your overall outfit, especially when wearing a formal suit to work or a special occasion. So, don't be afraid to give it a try! We're sure it would look great on you.

How to get the look:

Before starting the procedure, you'll need a beard comb, a razor, and an adjustable beard trimmer. You must first wash your beard and hydrate it by applying beard oil. Then, comb downwards or in the direction of how your hair grows to untangle your hair.


Begin trimming your beard to your preferred length. A tip from experts is to cut against the grain of your comb to ensure your trimming is equal. Then, you should define your lines to know how you'll shape your beard. You can do this by following your natural cheek lines and using the line connecting the middle point near your Adam's apple to your ears (Munce, 2022).


Now that you're done prepping, you can now fade your beard. A rule of thumb is to trim with the highest to the lowest grade of your trimmer's guards (Munce, 2022). Make sure to trim in one-inch increments while moving up. Do this until your fade blends together. Or, you can have a professional do this for you instead.

Taking care of your beard

While achieving the look you want is great, you should know how to maintain your beard for it to continue looking amazing. You can begin by incorporating a healthier lifestyle by getting enough sleep, eating healthier, and avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking. You would also need to have a skin care routine for men. Not only will this help improve the quality of your skin, but it will also help your beard stay fresh and clean. Thus, you should invest in an excellent face wash for the best beard and skin care.


An example of this is the Mantisfy Facial Cleanser and Shaving Mousse. The cleanser contains citric acid to cleanse your pores and hair follicles of unwanted debris. Plus, it has butylene glycol to keep your beard and skin hydrated throughout the day. Lastly, you wouldn't need to scrub your beard so roughly. That's because the cleanser has a dense foam texture that allows the product to reach the deepest parts of your beard.


Anyone can get the style they want, so there's no need to hesitate if you want to try a new beard style. Though, most tend to forget how to maintain their beards after getting the look they want. Thus, ensure you're taking care of yourself and incorporate effective skin care for men. By doing so, your beard will—without a doubt—always look astonishing.



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