Men's Daily Grooming Routine: From Top To Bottom

Men's Daily Grooming Routine: From Top To Bottom

Looking great is something we men all want. Not only do we leave a good impression on most people, but knowing that we look easy on the eyes helps boost our confidence. Though, if you find yourself lost in how to improve your very own men's daily grooming routine, that's completely normal. After all, most of us men aren't accustomed to this skin care and grooming ordeal. 

Because of that, we are here to help you by providing a complete guide on male grooming. In this article, we will be sharing a head-to-toe-care routine, and will explain each step thoroughly. We’ll even share other health & grooming tips you might want to know about. So, without further ado, let's get started. 

1. Hair

washing hair

To start our care routine, we will begin with the topmost part of our body: our hair. But taking care of your hair should be as simple as washing it with shampoo daily, right? So, why is there even a need to write a section about it? Well, it's not as simple as that.

Like our skin, our hair can also be of different types. This means your hair could be naturally oily, dry, and more. Due to this variety, each hair type has its preferred treatment. In this section, we'll discuss how you should be taking care of your hair.

a. Washing and Shampooing

As anyone may expect, the most basic form of taking care of your hair is washing it regularly twice a day—once you wake up and once before going to bed. However, should you shampoo every day? You've probably heard this question before, and some people may argue one should shampoo daily. So, what’s the answer to this debate?

The answer is that you shouldn't wash your shampoo every day. The reason for this is that shampoos are used to reduce any excess oil or sebum present in your hair. Thus, frequent shampooing can strip off too much of your hair's natural oils. Once your scalp and hair become dry, your scalp can become irritated, and flaking can occur. But, don’t skip shampooing too much. Because if you do, your scalp will build up sebum and produce dandruff. build up sebum and produce dandruff (Baum, 2018). 

Hence, we recommend that you only shampoo every other day of the week. To be more precise, we advise you to shampoo two to three days per week. However, there may be some other things you'd want to note depending on your hair type.

For instance, if you have thinner hair, it would be better to wash them with shampoo every other day since they are more delicate. Meanwhile, if you have thicker strands of hair, it would be better for you to shampoo 3 times a week (Baum, 2018). You could even go over the recommended amount if your hair still feels unnecessarily greasy. 

b. Moisturizing and conditioning 

man settle hair

Besides washing your hair with shampoo, another crucial aspect of hair care is keeping your hair moisturized. Additionally, the best way to keep your hair hydrated is no other than using a conditioner. Some may assume or have a preexisting idea that conditioners are only meant to be used by women. Well, that assumption is, without a doubt, false. 

What is a conditioner, and how is it different from your regular shampoo? The role or function of a hair conditioner is to hydrate and provide needed nutrients to our hair to keep them strong and healthy. Now, this may sound confusing to others, but don't mistake that a shampoo's function is to moisturize our hair.

As said earlier, a shampoo's primary function is to cleanse the grime and dirt off our hair and scalp. And, for a shampoo to achieve this, it would need potent cleansing ingredients. Moreover, these ingredients could be too harsh on our hair cuticles—the protective layer of our hair shafts. Since we want to avoid damage to our hair cuticles, we can use hair conditioners to strengthen them. By providing nutrients to our hair and keeping our scalp hydrated, conditioners can also help prevent hair loss. 

But how do you use one? You use a conditioner after washing your hair—with or without shampoo. When applying it, make sure to spread it evenly all throughout your hair and scalp. Let it sit for at least a minute, then rinse thoroughly. Unlike shampoos, you can use conditioners daily and even on the days you don't use shampoo (Hurly, 2022). Because of this, you should get standalone products rather than getting the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 bottles sold in the market.

c. Haircuts

getting hair cut

It may come as a surprise for some men, but having a haircut is also an integral part of keeping our hair healthy. That is because regular haircuts can prevent additional hair damage through split ends. Furthermore, having a manageable head of hair helps us feel refreshed and saves us a lot of time and resources. So, always make sure to have regular visits to your local barbershop or salon.

By looking presentable, a fine haircut can also leave a good impression on others. Though, there are some things you should note when you want to try dyeing your hair. While there's nothing wrong with it, too much dyeing could permanently damage your hair cuticles and scalp, potentially leading to hair loss and thinning. 

2. Face

The second-most topmost part of our body is our face. Moreover, it is also one of the most delicate parts of our face, and a lot of people ask what they can do to improve their facial skin. That's completely understandable. We can't deny that there is a mountain of information to digest regarding skin care. Hence we made a short 4 step skincare routine for you to start with. If you want a more advanced procedure, you can check out our article on our ultimate skin care guide.

a. Use a facial cleanser

face washing

With skin care being a current trend, you may already be using a facial cleanser or face wash. If you are, then that's great! Washing your face with a facial cleanser or face wash is one of the most crucial steps in any skin care routine. They are also the first step in the procedure because facial cleansers are meant to eliminate any unwanted pollutants and bacteria clogging your pores. Try our premium face cleanser, gentle to your skin but strong on cleaning dirty and extra facial oil.

How often should you wash your face? Well, you must wash your face daily since our pores will always encounter pollutants and bacteria from our surroundings. Plus, washing your face should be done twice a day—once after waking up and once before bed. Though, never do this more than twice a day because doing so will cause your skin to be stripped of its natural oils, causing it to dry and be vulnerable. 

b. Use a facial toner

While you may have heard that toners are unnecessary for proper skin care, that information is false. Unlike what others may say, toners are needed by our skin due to the benefits they bring. In fact, you should be using a toner after using your facial cleanser. Thus, it is the second step of any skin care routine.

Why so? As we said earlier, facial cleansers eliminate dirt and bacteria from our skin, so it's no wonder they would contain potent ingredients. However, these components could strip away too much of our skin's natural oils, and toners provide extra moisture to prevent our skin from drying. When applying toners, you only have to use them twice a day since you should only wash your face twice a day as well. 

c. Use moisturizers

The third step of most skin care routines is to use a moisturizer. Namely, a cream or a lotion. While a toner definitely provides moisture, most toners don't necessarily provide the extra nutrients that most lotions and creams contain. 

If your skin tends to be dry, purchasing a cream product would be better for your skin since these tend to contain more moisturizing agents than lotions. Creams also have a thicker consistency. Meanwhile, lotions are lighter on the skin and get absorbed much faster. Thus, they are great options for those with acne-prone or oily skin since they wouldn't make oil skin greasy while providing much-needed nutrients and moisture. Lastly,  use these moisturizers once a day, and it's up to you whether you want to use them in the morning or evening.

d. Apply sunscreen

man apply sunscreen

You may be surprised to see sunscreen as a part of our skin care routine. That's normal, as most people don't use sunscreen in their daily lives, except maybe when they visit the beach. As you may know, sunlight can be harsh on the skin during noon and afternoon. Living in a busy world, we spend most of our time outside our homes and often come into contact with sunlight. If we don't use sunscreen, our skin becomes exposed to increased risks of premature aging and skin damage. Hence, we must protect our skin by applying sunscreen before heading out in the morning, making this the last step of most routines.

3. Nose

While most don't encounter it, some men have to deal with the issue of annoying long nose hairs that peek out of their nostrils. We understand you may feel embarrassed about having this problem. But it's a pretty common thing among us, compared to what you might think. What can you do about it?

How to manage your nose hair

trim nose hair

Long nasal hair can be pretty annoying, and it's tempting to keep removing it to save ourselves from embarrassment. Unfortunately, you can't keep plucking these strands of hair often due to their significance to our health. Nasal hairs filter the air we breathe, protecting us from bacteria present in the air. 

Moreover, some methods of nasal hair removal can be dangerous. For example, plucking your nasal hair could lead to infections and ingrown hairs. Thus, the safest option is trimming by using an electric nose trimmer or the tiny scissors found in a grooming set or kit. 

4. Mouth

You may wonder what is in one's mouth that would need attention or grooming? As you may have guessed, it is one's teeth. It may sound peculiar, but our teeth and breath can also influence the opinions of others about us. Besides this, healthy teeth don't equate to pearly white teeth. As long as you are doing the same things mentioned below, we're sure your teeth are healthy.

a. Brushing and flossing

booth brush & booth paste

Brushing your teeth is the simplest form of teeth care. Although everyone knows this fact, not everyone is brushing correctly. If you are the type of person to rush and aggressively brush your teeth, your teeth aren't actually getting cleaned thoroughly. Instead, take your time and slowly brush your teeth in circular motions. Doing so ensures you get each corner of your mouth and clean every tooth.  

Another thing most people don't do is floss. We must floss our teeth since it allows us to clean and remove the plaque and bacteria present on the corners of each tooth. Using floss helps us effectively clean the parts that toothbrush bristles have difficulty in cleaning. Moreover, flossing your teeth should only be done once a day, preferably before bed. Lastly, always make regular visits to your dentist for checkups. 

b. Eliminating bad breath

Although brushing and flossing clean our teeth of bacteria, they are not enough to completely eliminate bad breath. A solution to bad breath is the usage of mouthwash, but this is only temporary. Besides observing proper oral hygiene habits, you should also be mindful of what you ingest to effectively prevent bad breath. Consuming foods with strong orders, such as garlic and alcohol, is some of the primary causes of bad breath. So, try to avoid eating or drinking too much of these kinds of foods.

5. Beard

One of the most asked questions by men is how to execute proper beard care. Some people may assume beard care to be similar to taking care of the hair on top of our heads. Sadly, that's not the case. However, don't worry, as beard care isn't as complex as you might think. If you are looking for an in-depth guide on beard care, you can check our previous article. In this section, we'll be sharing a short beard care routine for you to start with.

a. Wash your beard

men wash beard

When someone says beard care, what comes to mind? If you thought of washing your beard, that's correct. Washing or cleansing your beard is the base of any beard care routine. But don't assume that you can clean your beard with just water. You must invest in a proper beard cleanser or facial cleanser.

But what kind of facial cleanse would be suitable? Among the many kinds of facial cleansers, you should get a foam cleanser as it is denser than the other types. A prime example of a facial cleanser suited to be a beard cleanser is the Mantisfy Facial Cleanser and Shaving Mousse. This facial cleanser has a thicker and denser foam, so you wouldn't need to scrub aggressively to ensure the product reaches the deepest parts of your beard. Plus, it's equipped with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) like citric acid to effectively remove dirt and bacteria from your skin and beard. Always remember to wash your beard 2 to 3 times a week.

B. Groom and shave your beard 

men shaving beard

Aside from washing your beard, combing your beard is also a part of maintaining proper beard care. You must do this daily to ensure your beard doesn't form any knots. Doing so also keeps your beard looking nice and well-kept. It also helps make shaving more convenient.

Speaking of which, shaving your beard is another integral component of beard care. While there is nothing wrong with having thick or long beards, shaving your beard from time to time allows your beard to breathe. It also lessens the chances of infection due to the fungi and bacteria that get trapped within your beard. But, if you want to keep your thick full beard, make sure to have it shaped by a professional regularly. If you find it difficult to shave or shape your beard, using beard oil may help the trimming process much easier.

6. Hand

wash your hands

Some of you may be confused after reading this section's title, but we must also take care of our hands to some extent. Other people find well-maintained hands very attractive. So, you have nothing to lose by putting a little bit of care into those hands. But how exactly should you go about it?

a. Washing and moisturizing

When washing your hands, you should avoid using hand soaps that are harsh on the skin. Although they terminate the bacteria in your hands, they tend to make your hands feel dry. If your hands become dry, their skin could become red or cracked. Thus, you want to use hand washes or soaps with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or shea butter. Additionally, it would be beneficial for your hands if you carry hand cream throughout the day. Having one allows you to moisturize whenever your hands are feeling dry. 

b. Manicure (Optional)

Before you say anything, let's clear up the misunderstanding that having manicures is solely for women. Manicures aren't restricted to anyone, and men should consider getting manicures more often due to the benefits they bring. 

For instance, manicures allow you to remove ingrown hairs and, by doing so, help prevent bone infection. On top of this, manicures also tidy up your nail cuticles, helping your cuticles stay in their best shape to protect your nails from bacteria. 

Overall, manicures make our fingers and hands look great and healthy. And, with better-looking hands, you will undoubtedly leave a positive impression on anyone—whether it be a date or a business meeting. When setting an appointment with your local nail salon, it would be best for you to set a 2-week gap between each manicure session. 

7. Body

take a bath

Now that we are finished with the upper parts of our body, we can finally move on to the middle section of the body: our torso. The most basic form of body care is by showering. But you guys already know that. So, in this section, we'll be discussing how to manage body odor and hair instead.

a. Managing body odor

A common enemy that most men face is the issue of body odor. We also hate that pesky scent that ruins our business meetings or dates. After all, no one finds the smell pleasant. So what can you do to prevent this? First, let's talk about what causes body odor.

One of the primary causes of body odor is sweating. This is because the unpleasant scent of body odor comes from the bi-product of keratin breakdown on our skin surface. So, always shower regularly, especially after a long workout session. 

Furthermore, what you eat and consume may also contribute to body odor. Some examples are fatty foods and foods with strong scents like garlic and onions. If you find yourself eating a considerable amount of these foods, you might want to try to consume less of them. 

b. Managing body hair

When it comes to men's body hair, one of the toughest to manage is chest hair. If you plan on shaving your chest hair, we suggest you don't continue with it since shaving your chest hair will cause your chest to feel very rough. It also isn't the most efficient method of removing chest hair.

Instead, try using depilatory cream. Not only is it the most efficient method, but it also makes your chest look smooth and sleek.

8. Foot

You may already be asking why take care of your feet? After all, no one will see them anyway. Well, taking care of your feet is a matter of taking care of your health and being hygienic. So, let's see what you can do to improve your foot care.

a. Manicures and moisturize

The best way to take care of your feet is by giving them manicure sessions. Going to the salon allows you to remove any pesky ingrown nails. This also prevents any form of infection from occurring and improves blood circulation. 

Besides your regular visits to the salon, you would also want to try moisturizing the skin of your feet to help them stay strong and healthy. You can do this by applying lotion. Another option is using a feet mask, which you can get from your local drugstore. A feet mask provides your feet with moisturization, and some even detoxify the skin of your soles. So, there's no hurt in taking care of our precious feet.

be a happy man


Male grooming and care routines aren't as complicated as they may seem. With the proper guiding hand, we guarantee you will be a step further in becoming a better version of yourself. Thus, we hope that this top-to-bottom care and grooming guide has been helpful, and if you have any other inquiries, you can check out our other articles.


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