Men's Eyebrows Grooming Guide

Men's Eyebrows Grooming Guide

When it comes to first impressions, we all want to make good ones, especially when meeting someone significant. However, how does one exactly achieve that? One crucial way to do this is to have your eyebrows done. Unknown to many guys,  how your eyebrows are shaped and maintained can single-handedly change your look and impression on people. Hence, knowing how to groom your brows is a great benefit. 

Though, eyebrow grooming is more than just knowing how to use grooming tools and skin care. You must also implement a healthy frequency of when you do these grooming practices. So, in this article, we will tackle everything you need to know about eyebrow grooming. Without further ado, let's dive into it.

What is eyebrow grooming?

When you hear the term eyebrow grooming, what comes to mind? If you thought of eyebrow trimming, you're on the right track. The term eyebrow grooming refers to any practice that involves your brow's appearance and condition. 

Why should you groom your eyebrows? 

Before you think that no one will notice your brows, people actually do. After all, they are a part of your face, and while people may be looking into your eyes, their peripheral vision will still allow them to see your brows. 

Like we said earlier, how your eyebrows are shaped and conditioned can change your demeanour, which influences the impression you give off. For instance, rounded brows have softer and smoother silhouettes, and people with these brows tend to look more approachable and friendly. Meanwhile, straight eyebrows can give off a colder and more determined demeanour. Different face shapes would also want a specific eyebrow shape. Hence, it is crucial to care for your brows. 

Dos and Don'ts of eyebrow grooming

Dos and donts of men's eyebrow grooming

Now that we know why we should be caring for our eyebrows, we can finally talk about how to execute proper eyebrow grooming. While others may think of eyebrow grooming simply as eyebrow trimming, the practice is a bit more complicated than that. In this section, we'll discuss the dos and don'ts of eyebrow grooming. Furthermore, we'll give you a simple eyebrow grooming routine that you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily life.

What should you do when grooming your brows?

1. Trim your eyebrows

men's eyebrow trimming

Trimming one's eyebrow hairs may sound strange, but it is one of the primary methods of keeping your brows in peak condition. Overall, it keeps your brows looking prim and neat. Before trimming your eyebrow hairs, you'll want to comb or brush them up first to see which hair follicle isn't uniform with the others. You can use a beard comb for this, but if you have thinner eyebrow hair, you can use a mascara brush instead. 

Once you've brushed your brows, cut the uneven parts with a pair of eyebrow scissors. Nevertheless, you can use any tiny pair of scissors in your home. When trimming, be mindful of your eye and always cut along the shape of your eyebrow. One last thing you should note is that the uneven hair follicles you want to trim are those that surpass the top line of your eyebrow. Don't cut other hair follicles that do not exceed that line.

2. Use eyebrow gel

You may be asking why your eyebrow would need a gel and how they would benefit from it. Look into a mirror right now, and you will notice that your brows have spaces naturally unoccupied by hair. That's when eyebrow gels come in handy since they are intended to fill in those spots to make your brows look thicker and healthier

Eyebrow gels can come in various forms, but these gels are usually packaged in tubes and small bottles. Those shipped in small bottles also contain an eyebrow brush, similar to the appearance of a mascara brush. To use the eyebrow gel, apply the gel in the direction of your brow hair's growth and always follow the shape of your eyebrow. Plus, use it once every other day, as some gels seem to last longer than a day.

3. Consider microblading

Another eyebrow grooming trick you may want to consider is microblading. Microblading is a procedure that uses a microblade that uses microneedles to create lines that would enhance the shape and appearance of your brow.

Unlike other eyebrow grooming practices, microblading requires more skill and experience. Hence, consulting a licensed practitioner is better than microblading your brows at home. After a microblading session, always remember to do aftercare by cleaning and keeping your brows dry. Don't hesitate to ask your licensed technician for further advice. 

4. Tweeze your eyebrows

tweeze eyebrows

Besides trimming, another easy and common way of eyebrow maintenance is tweezing. How does tweezing differ from trimming? Unlike trimming, tweezing involves plucking your stray strands of eyebrow hair to improve the shape of your brows.

Tweezing comes in handy when you only need to remove one or two uneven strands of hair. Trimming the rest of your brow due to a few strands. It's also great for beginners, but don't do it too often as it could cause permanent hair damage. When tweezing, always follow the natural shape of your eye.

5. Consider threading

While others say otherwise, eyebrow threading is something you still can consider for your brows. Threading is an eyebrow grooming technique that utilises a piece of thread to remove multiple strands of hair. Contrary to popular belief, the procedure is not as painless. Plus, the aftercare for threading is much more convenient than other practices like microblading since all you really have to do is not touch your brows. Lastly, always let a professional thread your brows for you as doing it by yourself is not recommended.

6. Replace your tools

Changing your tools every once a while is better than you might think. While they may seem to be functioning, the quality of results they procure may not be the same anymore. Some situations when you want to replace your tools are when your tweezers lose their grip or your trimmers become blunt. Hence, you want to invest in better quality tools for longer lifespans. Although higher-quality items tend to be pricier, investing in them will save you more in the long run. 

7. Do your research 

While this guide covers the dos and don'ts of eyebrow grooming, trends change fast. Hence, research whenever a new eyebrow grooming technique becomes viral. By doing so, you won't fall for any suspicious viral tips and tricks. However, this doesn't apply only to trends. Always research when booking appointments or purchasing products to ensure you are getting your money's worth. 

What should you not do when grooming your brows?

1. Never have your eyebrows waxed

One of the things you should never do is eyebrow waxing. EIt is a procedure that uses cold wax strips to remove excess eyebrow hair, making your brows look thinner. There is also a method of eyebrow waxing that uses hot wax, but we will not dive further into that.

Now, why should you avoid having your brows waxed? While the results might look good on women, the results procured by men’s eyebrow waxing may not be the same for you. Generally, men tend to have thicker facial hair, and because of this fact, waxing your brows will look unnatural and untidy. Thus, you would get higher-quality results from trimming and tweezing your brows. 

2. Never shave your eyebrows

eyebrow shaved

Other men may think shaving is the most efficient way to groom their brows. Moreover, some guys may opt for this method of eyebrow grooming since it's the most familiar to them. However, shaving your brows is something you don't want to do.

For starters, using a shaver—whether electric or not—won't allow you to have precise control of cutting. Due to this restriction, you might shave off more hair than expected, forming unwanted bare spots on your eyebrows. Plus, the chances of injuring yourself are much higher when attempting to shave your brows. So, we should stick to safer methods like tweezing and trimming.  

3. Don’t go overboard

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in eyebrow care, it's always hard to gauge whether you are doing things too much. One way of measuring if you're trimming or tweezing too much is checking the frequency of when you groom your eyebrows. Since hair regrowth in our brows could take up to months, you would want to keep tweezing or trimming to a minimum. Specifically, once every two to three weeks would be the best frequency. 

A simple eyebrow grooming routine

eyebrow grooming routine

1. Preparing your eyebrows before the procedure

Before doing any eyebrow grooming practice, the first thing you want to do is to prep your eyebrows for the procedure. The best way to do so is to wash your face with a facial cleanser. When choosing a facial cleanser, you want one with alpha hydroxy acids to cleanse your facial skin's pores of unwanted debris and excess oils. 

A primary example of such is the Mantisfy facial cleanser. It contains citric acid for efficient deep cleansing and skin hydration with butylene glycol. You can also check out our best skincare routine for men article to learn more about how to care for your skin daily.

2. Conduct the procedure

Once you're done with your prep, you can conduct the grooming procedure. Though, check first if it is a procedure that is recommended to be done by an expert first. For example, if it's microblading or threading, consult an expert to do it for you instead to avoid any issues. Although, if you aren't confident with lighter tasks like trimming, don't hesitate to contact your local eyebrow salon for assistance. Lastly, you can refer to our men's grooming guide for a thorough tutorial on the basics of men's grooming and self-care. 

3. Aftercare

When your appointment or session is over, always remember to do aftercare. Aftercare will differ based on the practice done. When you finish tweezing or trimming your brows, let your brows settle for a few minutes before applying brow gel or other products. On the other hand, if it's a more complex process like microblading, consult your chosen technician for advice. 


Now that you know how men’s eyebrows are done, your eyebrows will look lusher and healthier, leaving better impressions on people. On top of that, eyebrow grooming is something that anyone can do in the comforts of their home. So, don't be afraid to try incorporating it into your daily life, as it provides you with more benefits than risks. By following this simple guide on eyebrow grooming, we're sure that your now well-maintained eyebrows will enhance your overall look and appeal.

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