Top Johnny Depp Beard Styles: The Ultimate Tutorial

Top Johnny Depp Beard Styles: The Ultimate Tutorial

When browsing through your favorite social media app, you probably have come across many male celebrities donning all these cool-looking beards. Like anyone else, you might want to try them out. After all, we all like to experiment with our personal styles. We also know that a beard can really make a difference in our general vibe and look.

However, you may have several concerns that could be stopping you from trying out these beard styles. You might be thinking that it only works for that celebrity because of his good looks. Some of you might worry that your hair can’t be thick enough to pull off any beard styles.

But that is not the case! In fact, there are many beard styles that you can try out—regardless if you have thick or thin facial hair. An excellent example of a male celebrity that shows how diverse beard styles can be is the one and only Mr. Johnny Depp.

With that said, we will go over some of the best beard styles he has shown throughout the years. Along with tips on proper beard maintenance, we will also teach you how to style your beard accordingly to get your desired look. However, unless you have much experience, we recommend you visit a local barber to style your beard to avoid any mistakes.

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Johnny Depp-inspired beard styles

As you may have already guessed, this beard style is based on the look that Mr. Depp has supported his character Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. This look is something you may want to try if you are finding a different style to try or if you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp. Additionally, you would undoubtedly impress someone with this kind of beard anywhere you go. 
How to get it:

To get this look, you would have to grow your facial hair until it reaches the middle section of your neck or above your Adam’s apple. Once your chin hair reaches the said part, you can begin shaving the hair around your cheeks, sideburns, and mouth. However, you must leave your mustache untouched, as having one is an aspect of this particular beard style. After that, you braid your chin hair into three small braids, then you are finished.

If you are experiencing difficulty achieving this style, do not worry since many people also face such challenges. A tip to remember when you are going for beard styles that require you to grow your beard is to have a great beard and skin care routine for men.

To have one, you must use an effective facial cleanser to prevent the growth of ingrown beard hair. An excellent example of such a product is the Mantisfy Facial Cleanser and Shaving Mousse. Its formula is crafted with citric acid and antioxidants, allowing it to effortlessly unclog your pores of any bacteria and residue. You want your pores to be free of unwanted debris since they are the primary causes of ingrown beard hairs. Having ingrown beard hair causes your beard to have bald patches and hinders it from reaching maximum length and thickness.

The Van Dyke beard

While this look is not based on any of the characters portrayed by Mr. Johnny Depp, it remains a classic style for men. Named after the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck, this style can add a dashing charm to a man's overall impression and demeanor. It would be especially great to have this beard style with a sleek and short hairstyle.

How to get it:
Similar to the Jack Sparrow beard, you would have to grow your facial hair until it reaches your Adam’s apple. Once it does, you can start trimming the neckline of your beard to clean the overall appearance of the beard. Experts recommend you do this with a number 1 or 2 guards on your electric razor.

As you clean your beard’s shape, you want to ensure that the hair from your chin fades as it reaches the hair along your jawline. You should also leave a gap between your jawline’s facial hair and your sideburns to achieve the Van Dyke look. Finally, use a precision trimmer when trimming the hair around your beard’s soul patch for better accuracy. Using one can also help add a rugged look to your beard.

The circle beard goatee

You probably have heard of the goatee beard, and this particular beard style is something not too far off from that. Like the goatee, the circle beard goatee also supports a thinner mustache and a soul patch connected to your neckline. The difference between this one with the usual goatee is the lack of space or gap between your mustache and chin hair. With its minimalistic and chic appearance, this beard style can easily add a sophisticated feel to your overall look.

How to get it:

Unlike the previous beard styles, you would not have to grow your facial hair as much for this kind of style. Instead, you would want to monitor the thickness and length of the hair around your mouth and chin. Once the hair on those areas is relatively thick, you can start shaving the facial hair on your cheeks, neckline, and jawline.

When the mentioned sections are clean of hair, you can start shaping the facial hair around your mouth and chin into a circle. Since you want the shape to be as neat as possible, we suggest using a beard shaper for reduced risk of making mistakes and better precision. While trimming the hair around your mouth, leave the soul patch untouched and disconnect it from the rest of your chin hair. After doing that, you’re done and have achieved the circle beard goatee.

The Tourist Beard

This beard style is based on the look Johnny Depp sported as he portrayed his character Frank Tupelo in the film Tourist. Plus, the Tourist beard is one of the most widely favored beard styles since it can easily be pulled off by anyone. After all, the beard style creates a luxurious air around you. It also effortlessly enhances your overall look by accentuating your facial features. This beard style would work particularly well when you're going to formal events.

How to get it:

Initially, you want to grow the hair along your jawline and neckline. Once your facial hair becomes thicker, you can start using an electric razor without a guard to clean the shape of your beard. Do this by removing the unwanted hair on your cheeks and around your soul patch.

When trimming the hair, you should not disconnect your beard from your sideburns to achieve the look. Moreover, you should shape your mustache into a square shape and keep it connected with the rest of your chin hair. We recommend using a beard shaper to keep the angles of your beard’s shape sharp and precise. Finally, polish the look of your beard by brushing it and applying beard oil to make it look sleeker and chicer.


Anyone can wear any kind of beard style that they want. Furthermore, a great person who showcases the diversity of beard styles is the one and only Mr. Johnny Depp. Plus, having an efficient facial cleanser like the Mantisfy facial cleanser, your beard will undoubtedly grow faster and thicker. After all, a great beard and skin care make it so that you don’t have to face any difficulty when growing your beard. Soon, you will be rocking your favorite beard style in no time. Lastly, if you aren’t too confident in your skill, you can always have it styled by a professional.


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