Does Nicotine Cause Acne?

Does Nicotine Cause Acne?

Acne may be one of man's greatest enemies in this day and age. Red bumps on our face can be annoying as it ruins our look. On top of that, there are instances when our acne makes us feel uncomfortable due to the pain it brings from swelling. 

While skincare is undoubtedly an acne solution, many people forget that what we do to our bodies affects acne development. This also means people do not realise that smoking can damage our skin. Hence, we will discuss how nicotine affects our skin and what you should do to effectively remove acne. With that aside, let's get started.

What is nicotine?

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As most of you would know, nicotine is a chemical compound often sourced from tobacco plants. They can also be found in other plants like tomatoes. However, tobacco plants contain a higher percentage of the substance, making them the primary source of nicotine

While nicotine is safe, the substance has been found to cause addictions. Nicotine is known to immediately increase our brain's production of dopamine. Because of this, a person can easily feel relaxed and happy when consuming products with nicotine. On top of this, a person only experiences these effects for a short while, causing one to repetitively seek out these relaxing sensations by consuming more nicotine.  

Can nicotine cause acne?

Besides the psychological effects of nicotine, the chemical compound can also affect a person's skin. Although there is a lack of scientific research about the relationship between nicotine and its effects on the skin, some studies suggest that smoking can cause acne.

When a person smokes tobacco, the chemicals in the cigarette trigger sebum peroxidation in our bodies. Sebum peroxidation occurs when unstable particles called free radicals attack the fatty acids in our skin's sebum, causing the oil to become thicker. When sebum thickens, our pores clog. With our pores being clogged, acne is more likely to develop due to the accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria in our pores.

On top of this, smoking tobacco reduces the amount of Vitamin E in our bodies. As you may know, Vitamin E is crucial to us since it is a natural antioxidant produced and found in our body. Moreover, antioxidants help our bodies fight off these free radicals and help keep our skin in peak condition. Additionally, Vitamin E helps with our cognitive function, helps reduce the risks of heart diseases, and many more. So, avoid smoking frequently.

Can vaping cause acne?

But does vaping cause acne? Vaping still uses nicotine as its prime ingredient. Thus, it can still promote acne development. Moreover, it also may cause skin irritation or other allergies due to the chemicals in its formula. While vaping may be less harmful to the body than cigarettes, it still doesn’t exclude you from the negative effects it has on the skin. 

How do you get rid of acne?

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  • Incorporate a healthier lifestyle

  • In the previous sections, we discussed that smoking can damage our lungs and it can also promote the development of acne. So, it is evident that our manner of living can affect the condition of our skin. Thus, it's crucial to incorporate healthy habits in your daily life to achieve acne-free skin. See the list below to know what you should be including in your daily routines.

    • Avoid smoking 
    • Always keep yourself hydrated
    • Incorporate daily exercise into your schedule.
    • Avoid eating too much oily foods 
    • Avoid eating too much foods high in sugar such as bread, sweets, rice, and more
    • Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday
    • Keep a consistent sleep schedule

  • Have an effective skin care routine

  • While a healthy lifestyle can definitely help you keep your skin pristine, it sometimes may not be enough to fully protect your skin from acne. To ensure your skin has the highest chance of not acquiring any form of acne, you must commit to a daily skincare routine. 

    If you are unsure how to make one, we have a simple guide on how to build your own skincare procedure in the next section. However, remember that a skincare routine will not be enough treatment for more severe cases like eczema. For such concerns, please don't hesitate to consult with a dermatologist.

    Building a skincare routine

     Step 1: Choose a facial cleanser

    man skincare routine

    Facial cleansers are foundational items in any skincare routine since they eliminate the dirt from your pores. Moreover, soap bars tend to be abrasive to the sensitive skin of the human face. So, what do you look for in a cleanser? 

    One of the things you want to have on your product is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) like citric acid. This chemical compound allows your cleanser to do its job of removing bacteria from your pores. On the other hand, you would also want to check if it has some moisturising agents like glycerin or butylene glycol. A prime example is the Mantisfy facial cleanser. How to wash your face properly is also a good way to prevent acne. 

     Step 2: Choose a toner

    Facial toners help balance the oil levels in your pores while removing any leftover residues in your skin after a cleansing session. Hence, why they're needed in a skincare routine. However, choosing what toner to purchase can be tricky.

    Firstly, check if your toner has hydrating ingredients like glycerin. After all, rehydrating your skin is its primary responsibility. Additionally, make sure it has a beta-hydroxy acid like salicylic acid, as it would need this to effectively remove residues in your pores. Avoid getting toners that use ethyl alcohol because it might irritate your skin. 

    Step 3: Choose an anti-acne serum

    While others deem serums as unimpactful, their versatility proves otherwise. Because of this, different types of serums are available in the market. So, check if your serum is labelled as an anti-acne serum. But how do you find an efficient anti-acne serum?

    A prime example is the Mantisfy anti-acne serum. The serum is formulated with salicylic acid to efficiently eliminate acne inflammation and stop the accumulation of dead skin cells in your pores. On top of that, it has glycerin to ensure your skin's moisture levels remain balanced as bacteria is removed from your skin. 

     Step 4: Choose a sunscreen

    Sunscreen is another core item that should be used in any skincare procedure. Without it, your skin will be unprotected from the adversities brought by the sun's UV rays. Selecting a sunscreen shouldn't take longer than choosing your other skincare products. All you have to check is if its SPF is at least 30, and you should be good to go. 

    The Verdict

    To conclude, nicotine and acne do share a connection. Specifically, smoking tobacco, a plant that contains high amounts of nicotine, has been shown to promote acne development. However, if you want to learn more about skincare, we suggest you check our article on the best skincare routine for men. With that said, always take care of your health and have a proper skincare routine to ensure your skin stays smooth and acne-free!

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